Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I don’t know about you.... but it’s funny to me how life sends one in full circle... you start here.... go there... and end up back where you started... like the riddle what has four feet in the morning two in the evening and three at night? A human... because when we are born we are on all fours - then we learn to walk and we are on two feet... then as we get older we need help to move and use a cane. I have lived long enough to see how the circle of life truly is a circle. We choose our path....every choice we make leads somewhere... the adventures or lack there of are up to us... but eventually we all end up in the same place...
last night as I was reading my scriptures and I had a realization that prayers are so amazingly powerful. All these years with Addison in and out of the hospital - surgery after surgery... death bed after death bed.....those prayers have brought solace to my deeply needy soul. The prayers given by long lasting friends...the prayers given by loving family members...the prayers given sometimes by complete strangers....because someone told them my daughter needed a prayer.... the prayers that as soon as they were uttered brought instant change... and sometimes just brought strength to better deal with the surmounting pain. I have looked back on my life and I have seen the POWER of prayer unto deliverance...even if I wasn’t freed from the torment I was no longer held bound by fear and doubt. There is so much to be said about prayer. So much power that I can’t deny it’s deliverance. Like a father who prayed for a son to change ... “And now behold can he dispute the power of God??”Alma 27:15.    I can not- nor would I want to.
Like the rainbow that shines after every storm. HE is always there.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Seems like it takes me a year to post but then no one really cares as no one really seems to read these but I was reading through my dear friends and her life unfolded so beautifully before my eyes in pictures and sweet memories, I cried, I laughed, I sighed and I thought I need to keep it up, for me, for my children, so they can look back and remember - because ultimately our memories are all we have everything else wither away.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

kid pics

So Christmas was meant to last just one day and maybe its simply better that way.
It' s a time meant to be treasured it can't always be here
but the feeling it gives us can last the whole year.

Well another year has come to an end. So many wonderful memories we made. We are ever so grateful for family and friends who filled this year to the brim with joy and happiness. The experiences we have had have made our bonds stronger and strengthened our faith. I am ever so grateful that God has blessed me with a wonderful man who continually lifts and strengthens our little family. Grateful for the pitter patter of the beautiful, wonderfully spirited children he has blessed us with that continually make us laugh and feel complete. Grateful to know that there is a God who loves and watches over his children continually, and for His Son who so meekly died so that we could live again. There is so much joy that this knowledge brings to our souls - making any trial and heartache seem easier to bear and shoulder. Making the happy moments better. The happiness it brings to our lives spreads like wildfire and shines brightly - what a blessing...let your light so shine...
Then we do our best to be the Lord's hands here upon the earth, doing good and spreading sunshine along the way. The only way to be is to live happy, always looking for the good in others and in all situations.
May this year bring happiness to your heart and may you be able to find the joy that can only come from our savior Jesus Christ.

Happy new year!

"Try a little harder to be a little better." Gordon B. Hinckley

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The glorious happiness of the gospel of Christ

My uncle Lalo passed away and we went to celebrate his earthly life and it was absolutely the most memorable funeral service I have experienced, other than my parents. It was full of the joy of the atonement of Christ and the hope that we have because of His divine sacrifice; how having faith amidst our daily trials will strengthen us and help us be strong, how trials come so we can experience the sweet goodness life has to offer, well basically everything that Christ has taught us, how blessed it is to have gospel truths at a time such as this. What joy came to my heart to see family I haven't been able to see in so many years. It, to me was a reflection of the reunion my ancestors were having in heaven, embracing their brother, son, husband, father back after so long. What a glorious reunion.