Sunday, October 26, 2008

So it's been a fun, fun, fun fall. We have so enjoyed being here in Texas. We haven't enjoyed the trillion chigger bites that we all received at our last camping trip though... I guess the scriptures are true that we need the bad to appreciate the good.
Even with that thought we have had more good moments than bad and we have been really motivating the children to focus only on the positive, in this fast paced please me world we all live in that sometimes is harder than it should really be.
We find that we need to stop and enjoy every moment in the lives of the children and enjoy as many family moments as possible, who knows when that will be the last memory made. Not that I'm glum but realistic and hopefully a little more focused on what truly is important in my life. The kids are growing so fast. The passing of now both my parents and Papa have also made me see how fast life passes. Enjoy now, enjoy the journey and love without end. Ok enough gushy mushy. Love y'all!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

okay so we are the proud uncle and aunt but here is Kellie's new baby 6lbs, 2 ounces 17 inches.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall fun

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Texas Campout

We took a little trip into the hillcountry,
tried our luck at camping in texas.
Here are some pictures of our adventures.
We had a great trip, played ghost in the
graveyard in the dark in a field nearby,
went fishing, roasted marshmellows,
went night frog searching, and made
friends with two little armadillos.
The weather was on our side and
we all enjoyed ourselves.




Sunday, October 12, 2008

Well a year ago this month we went to Disneyland in CA - thanks to our friends, Mike and Becca Robbins who made the dream a reality for us in a time of much stress in our lives.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had the opportunity to go to Disneyland for two days, Sea world one day and the ocean three days. We enjoyed and basked in glorious California weather... yes now we want to get transferred there soon! We even were able to enjoy a pool tide. We ate one night at Rainforest Cafe and the first night we arrived we saw a great fireworks display - which Addison managed to sleep through... funny girl.
The four day road trip proved us to be gracious parents as all our children made it there and back in one piece alive and happy.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Papa and Gamber

Fall in the south

Well fall has come and not a moment has been wasted in enjoying the fresher air and the beauty that comes with a little less heat.
We have really come to enjoy being here in San Antonio now that life is settling down and our house in Boise is finally sold. It's amazing how beautiful life looks when there is less stress in your life.
The children have made great friends in our short stay here and we are so grateful for them. Addison, Maya, and Drake are now in a newly built school close to Base. It has been fascinating to watch them grow and adapt to all the changes they have faced. They seem to like being at this new school although they do miss their old one. Drake is in the chess club, which is not starting in his grade bracket until Nov. but he is extremely excited. Maya and Addison are in Choir and in Art. They had their first choir number in front of the school open house attendees last Thursday. They were very nervous but performed like superstars. Maya is her ever cheerful, helpful, and loving self - her grades are A's and she goes far and beyond the call of every aspect of her life. We were able to read some of her school journal entries at the open house and found her creative expressions and views of life completely refreshing. Addison is doing great in her school work. She works hard everyday and has taken giant steps towards a fabulous school year. Her happiness lets us all know how good thing s are going for her this year. She is so tender hearted and forgiving.
Vigo has given himself a great big stretch and I'm having a hard time seeing him get so big so fast. He is enjoying math and spelling when doing "homework" at home and is constantly asking what # + # = ? . It makes me laugh just to think how his brain is always going a hundred miles per hour and what I wouldn't give to get into his head just for a day.
Alia, who if you ask what her name is will tell you is Pink - then giggles when she sees how you reacted to her, is getting way to "big girl". She gets upset if anyone treats her or refers to her as baby Alia. She says,"I not baby, Boston's a baby" - Boston is her new best friend who is about 8 months younger. She has us cracking up with all her tricks, dance moves, and constant talking about everything and anything and even nothing (that we can make out that is). She loves to be a girl and does a great job of it - carrying purses, being a mama, painting her nails, and looking "bootiful". But give that girl a sword and watch out. Underdogs at the swing set are never enough, and the faster mom goes on their daily bike ride the better.
Cory - well can you say got it going for him? He has a great group of men to work with and they appreciate his talents and put him to tasks that are fun and also challenging. He gets to play tennis daily and golf about monthly (both during his work day) as part of keeping fit. At church he is teaching the Sunday School class for the adults. What a blessing to have that extra push of spirituality in our home. As a dad and husband then I'm the most blessed woman in the world. We could never ask for more. We all love him dearly.
Can anyone be any happier than we are? It would be hard to. We feel blessed to be where we are and are ready for any thing the Lord has in store for us. So far his guidance has blessed us immensely. Blessed us with great friends, family, and wonderful growing experiences. Hope all is well with each and everyone of you.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Las Vegas