Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out with the old in with the new!!!!
Wow what a day!
Our family favorites, Mikey and Becca, flew into San Antonio last nigiht and surprised the children this morning. Boy talk about jubilation!!!!
We were joined during lunch by the 4 Elders in our ward which was very nice to get to know them and hear them share spiritual experiences.
Then we bravely headed to Fiesta Texas! It was so fun but Everyone was tired out and poor Becca hit he sac early!
So happy new year!!!!!! Hope you are all well, fed, and happy.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy New Year!!! A little Late for Merry Christmas this year but our prayers are that Christmas was filled with joy and many happy memories. This year for our family has been a giant roller coaster of joy, tears, trials, blessings and many memories. But if life were easy it wouldn’t be hard (so I hear). One thing we have learned is that in order to appreciate sweet we need to know bitter. Another thing is that having a strong testimony of Christ and his role in all our lives gets us through the hardest of times and makes the sweetest days even sweeter.
We brought in the new year healthy and happy! We had a great visit from Papa and Gamber in Jan and we felt so blessed to have been able to be with them and spend those precious moments with them - Papa passed the next weekend. That took us on our first road trip to Nebraska. We once again were strengthened in our knowledge and peace that the gospel brings to families at these times. It was bitter sweet to be there and see family we hadn’t seen in many years, the strength that Papa exemplified all his days shown bright in the faces of the ones he left behind.
In March we celebrated Terrie’s Mother’s birthday at our home. We have been so blessed to be stationed here in Texas where we can be close to family that we have been so far away from as well. Once again the event brought untold joy and happiness in the gathering of so many friends and family. In April Mama passed away suddenly and once again our testimonies gave us strength to endure, to know that families can be together forever, to feel our burdens lightened & to have the opportunity to share our feelings with others not of our faith. What a wonderful thing to lift others at such times…to know that things are not as dark as they may sometimes seem, to feel God’s arms encircling us with love and strength.
In May we had the opportunity to sell our home in Boise (finally - it had been over a year). We made a road trip the first week in June to Id finalize the sale of our home. We were able to stop and visit with the Greats & with our family in eastern Id. With that trip came an added blessing of being able to take part in the marriage sealing of our dear friends Mikey and Becca in the Temple. What a blessing for us to be reminded of the wonderful promises of marriage and family. I think that it reinforced our marriage and strengthened it too. We were able to visit with friends and family that we miss so dearly.
Bruce (Cory’s dad) was married to Judy in Las Vegas in June as well so we were able to go from Boise to NV and be there with them in this most wonderful time in their lives. Another wonderful example of the strength in family, the beauty & blessings of the Temples, and how nothing in life is a coincidence - we were blessed that all these events fell into place perfectly and that we were able to be a part of them all.
We made a trip back to Idaho to visit Lois the Great for Thanksgiving. She was diagnosed with pancreas cancer and we were very blessed to be there and visit with her and our family once again. There is so much to say about being around family, they strengthen, heal, and lift one’s soul…grandma passed away a week after we saw her. The blessing of family is so great, we pray you all feel, see, & enjoy it.
We moved to base the week we came home July 4th weekend. Our little home has proven to be a great blessing. We are close to Cory’s work and the fear of him traveling so far every day is no longer there. We get to have him home everyday for lunch, and the two hour daily commute is down to ten minutes a day!!! Can you say YAHOO! We have a park across the street and the children play outside safely and happily. Vigo learned to ride his bike with no training wheels this fall and now is just flying nonstop! He loves to learn and is always asking tons of math, spelling, and just plain inquisitive questions. I would really like to get into his head and be awed by what goes on inside there. Alia is so grown up and her official name was Pink for about two months. She loves being a girl and is very good at it. She stands her ground, is very vocal and communicates like a miniature grownup. This year in school has proven to be fabulous for all the children they all are excelling, Drake is coming home with all A’s, Maya was nominated for GT and Addison was chosen as one of two 5th graders in her school for a city choir. They have all had so many great experiences…They all went to see the Nutcracker play and the Lazer light show and have had various other wonderful field trips that have really helped them enjoy learning and being a part of this new school. We have done so much: tennis, camping, “vacations“, “deer hunting”. Who knew that so many wonderful things would come from some of the harder trials we’ve seen in a long time. Things happen, we sometimes don’t find out why ‘till later, and sometimes never… but we know God loves his children… At this very special time of year may the joy and peace that only Christ can bring fill your hearts and homes. May you feel God’s love for you. May you feel our love for you. Merry Christmas! With love, The Bolander Fam. : Cory, Terrie, Addison, Maya, Drake, Vigo, & Alia

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter fun

The church put on a western themed Christmas party. It was very wonderful and many people showed up. There was plenty of food and we felt very blessed to be part of such service and ward participation (the members provided almost everything themselves). There was a video of Christ played while we ate and our children really loved it. Then the children gathered around Santa and they all were able to visit with him. Vigo was a sweetheart and gave his stuffed animal to a little girl who was too scared to go visit Santa herself. Unfortunately when he went back there were no more but the next day a member of the bishopric, Brother Casias brought him one to church! How sweet for him to have cared enough to do that! Speaking of the next day mom had to sing some duets in the choir, something that totally pushed her limits. But she is still alive so we now know you can't drop dead from fear of singing....maybe pass out.

The school the children are attending is very active and very fun spirited. They put up a winter wonderland for the children and their families to be able to go up and take pictures with Santa. They worked really hard. Vigo was on some type of hyperactive caffinated mode that day because he was bouncing off the wall and there could be no more frustrated or embarressed parents but alas it's the small stuff and we survived...and Vigo is off his high, how long that will last we shall see!

2008 pre Christmas

Friday, December 19, 2008

Fun at Aunt Kellie's

So on the way home we were able to see Grandma Juju, Papa Mike, Trisha, Cam, & Lisa, at Kellie and Gregg's house. We enjoyed ourselves so much. The kids loved Kellie's wonderful home and toys sooo much! We really were so overjoyed at being so surrounded with family. These are treasured moments to last a life time! (Thanks Kellie and Gregg for letting us into your home!!!! We love y'all!)

Fun in Blackfoot

While we were in Idaho we stayed with Aunt Michelle and Uncle Neil, they are great! we were very blessed to spend time with them. They live on the best piece of land and I loved waking up each morning and just enjoying the view from their living room. The children had a blast and made MANY fun memories...from playing with doll clothes that Lois the Great hand made, cheering their cousin Broke at her b-ball game, running around with cousin Meagan, to playing on the Giant stack of hay bails in the back yard!

Idaho Road Trip

So on our way to Idaho we stopped and saw the arches in Utah... We had a fun time trying to get to the arch and tried very creative and a lot harder ways to get there than the very well worn easy path that if we had looked around a bit longer we could have found.... but then never a dull moment in the Bolander household would not ring true in our ears today.

Lois Bolander, 84
Tuesday, 09 December 2008
FIRTH — Lois Bolander, 84, passed away Friday, December 5, 2008, at her home in Firth. She was born on February 12, 1924 in Firth, ID to Barber Dewayne Dye and Ila Mae Johnson Dye. She graduated from Firth High School as valedictorian of her class after only eleven years of school. On May 24, 1943, she married Gary Bolander in the Salt Lake LDS Temple and lived her entire life in Firth except for a year each in Choteau, MT and Evanston, WY. Lois loved Idaho and expressed her gratitude many times for living in this area. She especially loved and appreciated all of her friends and neighbors wherever she lived, whom she felt had all enriched and blessed her life. She was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, and loved her posterity and Diane and Shelley Nelson, who were like family to her. Lois was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served in many capacities through the years. She and Gary served a mission in the Idaho Falls temple visitorâ•˙s center and later served as temple workers for seven years, where they made close and lasting friendships. She loved her final calling as a primary teacher and was tremendously grateful for the children she taught.Lois loved to sing, and her beautiful soprano voice was enjoyed by many throughout the years. She was an excellent seamstress, a superb cook, loved writing poetry, and enjoyed hobbies of painting, and camping in the great Idaho outdoors. She will be missed by all, but has left a great legacy to carry on.She is survived by her husband of 65 years, Gary Bolander of Firth, sons Kent (Vicky) of Bellingham, WA, Ralph (Donna) of Evanston, WY, Bruce (Judy) of Las Vegas, NV, daughters Sharleen Wilson (Don) of Idaho Falls, Michele Hepworth (Neil) of Blackfoot, Jan Shields (Aaron) of DeRidder, LA; 24 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren. She is also survived by 5 brothers: Dewayne (Janiece) of Rose, William (Millie) of Weirsdale, FL, Dale Nebeker (Marnie) of Bountiful, UT, Brent (Linda) of Idaho Falls, Kerry (Irene) of Kimberly, ID and sister Barbara Taylor (Preston) of Inkom, ID. She was preceded in death by her parents, a sister Ila Dufer (George) and a grandson.Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 11, at the Kimball Ward Chapel, (744 N. 600 E.) in Firth with Bishop Boyd Peterson, conducting. The family will receive friends Wednesday 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at Nalder Funeral Home (110 W. Oak St.) in Shelley and from 9:30 a.m. to 10:40 a.m. Thursday prior to services at the church. Interment will be in the Firth Cemetery. Condolences may be sent to the family online at

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas - wow, it's amazing how one little word can invoke such a flood of unexplainable and insurmountable feelings. I sit here with a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts.
The radio has been on with beautiful Christmas music sounding through the halls of our home. It's amazing how happy this music makes me and the children - today they had 'Feliz Navidad' on about as loud as they could and they were singing at the top of their lungs. Then just as fast the reverence of 'Oh Holy Night' fills our soul and the true meaning of Christmas is brought so sweetly back to the forefront of all we do. Christ who came and sacrificed so dearly and gave so freely. This season is truly a season of rejoicing and gratitude.
We made it home from Idaho Tues. morning and we feel so blessed. Blessed that we were able to visit with Grandma/pa Lois & Gary the Great. Grandma passed this morning and we are ever so grateful for her loving and caring life. For her Christlike attitude and her hugs and kisses. We know that we were blessed to talk with her when we did and are so grateful to have had that chance.
We saw cousins, brand new baby cousin, aunts, uncles, friends. Aunt Michelle and Uncle Neil let us stay with them and our hearts are so grateful for their sacrifice. We were able to spend the night with all of Cory's brothers and sisters and his parents - what a blessing family is. I can't say that I have ever had such an overwhelmingly powerful understanding of the importance of family and the joy that comes when we are all reunited as we were. I am so grateful for this experience and how wonderfully perfect everyone was. We even were able to see the newest addition to the family, Sydney Rose and I hogged her the whole time...yup I'm a baby hog!!!
We had a bit of trouble on the way home - for those who don't know...our vehicle broke down on our drive home and it delayed us a bit then once we were finally all good to go we were on the road again when out of no where a buck jumped out in front and did some major damage to the suburban. We prayed that our vehicle would make it to Texas and that we would all be safe, so we are all safe in Texas once again. The truck well it's totaled but runs, and most importantly our prayers were heard and answered.
So May the joy of Christmas ring true in your hearts, the act of gratitude in all you do and the joy of family in everyone you meet. Feel our love and know that our heart beats in many places because you each have a bit of it.