Friday, September 24, 2010

We celebrated Christmas this year with our family and friends and felt the blessings of the True Spirit of Christ and the real reason for this glorious season. The children were so excited to give and share and see what others thought of their gifts, they were genuinely grateful for things that they received and I couldn't help but think that our Heavenly Father feels the same joy I did this season when he sees us reaching out to his children in love, care, understanding, and faith. Lifting another and bringing them closer to Christ, what a glorious glorious experience this is. And to think that it can last all year long...this love and empathy and serviceable attitude.
I am truly grateful for the great example Christ set for me to follow, how I follow and how I serve others...will determine my true gratitude and my true testimony of My Savior. Epiphany moment...(for myself that is)
I pray each of you had a wonderful Christmas and that each of you feel our love, we miss you and think of you way more often than we post :)
Merry Christmas~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

so here are some pics of our newest adventure... 5 children in soccer. Maybe I should write a book and become famous!! hahaha!
Well these are only a few I Chose these because of their expressions, the one with Vigo clasping his hands was after he made a goal, ran straight to change their points, So cute!!!!
Then there is the ever serious about competition Drake and his intensity comes out so prevalent in all the pics I have of him.
Alia the princess who would rather be dancing ballet then being smashed between all those sweaty boys! before she kicks in the ball she does a little show - so so so cute!!!